Russia Promises Response Following Ukraine’s Attack on Belgorod Resulting in 18 Deaths.

On Saturday, Russia Promises Response, called for a UN Security Council session, alleging that Ukraine had fired missiles and rockets at civilians in Belgorod, leading to a minimum of 18 deaths and numerous injuries. Moscow condemned the attack, warning of repercussions.

This assault followed Ukraine’s accounts of several Russian missile attacks on various cities, resulting in the deaths of at least 39 individuals and additional injuries in Kharkiv on the same day.

According to Moscow, Belgorod, located roughly 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the Ukrainian border, experienced continuous bombardment, which it attributed to indiscriminate actions by Ukrainian forces.

Unverified footage showed debris strewn across roads and columns of smoke emanating from damaged vehicles in the city’s downtown area. The incident is viewed as one of the deadliest on Russian soil since hostilities began in February 2022.

Russia alleged that two Vilkha missiles and Czech-made rockets were used in this assault and announced a UN Security Council meeting scheduled for 4:00 pm New York time (2100 GMT) on Saturday to discuss the Belgorod strikes.

Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are expected to address the situation on Sunday, with the conflict nearing its second anniversary in February.

Russia’s emergencies ministry confirmed the deaths of 12 adults and two children, with 108 others wounded, including 15 children. The Kremlin shared that President Putin was informed about the situation, and the Russian defense ministry cautioned about the consequences for the attack.

Despite global criticism, Ukraine persisted in its rescue operations amidst the aftermath of the Russian bombings. The Ukrainian military stated that out of the 158 missiles and drones launched by Russia, 114 were successfully intercepted.

Ukrainian President Zelensky declared January 1 as a day of mourning in Kyiv, where the death toll from the attacks stood at 16. Additionally, local authorities in Ukraine reported three more fatalities on Saturday due to Russian airstrikes.

NATO voiced its support for Poland after a Russian missile reportedly entered Polish airspace during the attacks on Friday. Ukraine is urging Western nations for sustained military assistance in the face of the continued aggression.

U.S. President Joe Biden urged Congress to promptly authorize additional aid for Ukraine, emphasizing the critical requirement to safeguard its citizens. Meanwhile, Britain committed to dispatching extra air-defense missiles to Kyiv, underscoring its steadfast backing for Ukraine amidst the intensifying conflict.

The United Nations voiced its condemnation of the persistent attacks and called for an immediate halt to the hostilities.

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